I'm a failer.
No, not a failure. 
A failer – though my second-grade English teacher might say differently. Failer is a word I define here as: someone who believes failure is the first and most important step to success.
When I played baseball, I once let a ball through my legs that cost us the state championship. 
A few years ago, I left my passport under a seat on the last train out of Prague.
Just the other day, I thought it would be a good idea to bike no-handed while carrying two burritos and a large Dr. Pepper, but I only succeeded at crashing into a street sign and showering myself in soda/guacamole.
Why do I like to fail? Because the faster I fail, the faster I learn. Very little is gained from succeeding on the first try. 
We won the championship the following year, my new passport has two dozen stamps more than the last one, and the good thing about burritos is that you can put it all into a different tortilla. It’s basically a brand new burrito.
But why would you want to hire a failer?
Because being a failer means I'm also collaborator; I embrace criticism and value an iterative process. It means that good-enough is never good enough; I will try and try again until absolutely every detail is perfect. It means that I'm original; When everyone else goes right, I’ll choose instead to go left and hopefully get a little lost.
I’m a graduate of the University of Colorado - Boulder with degrees in Creative Advertising, Writing, and Digital Media Design. More than anything, though, I consider myself a storyteller. I have a passion for branding and a desire to apply my talent for digital media toward something bigger than myself.
Also, I like to travel.
I like other things, too, like bluegrass music, skiing, vintage bicycles, ultimate Frisbee, cat puns, vinyl records, and jumping off big rocks into water… But I mostly just like to travel.
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